We are currently making our 2018 robot, The Hugbot, to be capable of almost anything in a single match. It stands at about 94 inches when fully extended. It will be capable of climbing, and will be able to handle boxes at all heights.

In 2017, we created our robot, "The_Blank". It is VERY capable of gears, has a modest ball hopper, and climbs faster then lightning. It has a beautiful paint job, a very beautiful paintjob, one of the best paintjobs, courtesy of Naomi Stroud. In our first competition, we came out 5th overall, and 9th in the district, and came out with a Imagery award.

Our 2016 robot was known as the "Destroyer of Doors". It was originally created with a cannon, but through user error and a poor choice of parts, the cannon broke off and was replaced with a simple arm that was used for breaching defenses.