WARNING: This article is out of date. Please see the Botsmiths YouTube channel for updated tutorials

This is a guide on how to download the source code for our robot. You'll need a BitBucket account and you'll have to have one of the admins add you to the source code repository in order to save your changes back. You will also need to install a suitable Mercurial/HG client on your computer. My favorite one is TortoiseHg because it's easy to use and has a nice interface. This guide assumes that you have created an account on BitBucket, and have installed TortoiseHg on your computer.

The 4H online registration is now necessary to participate, and can be found at >this< link.

This guide explains how to import the project into Eclipse so that you can actually work with the code. This guide assumes that you have actually acquired the code as explained in How to get the source code and that you have installed Eclipse and the FRC toolchains. Eclipse can be installed by simply downloading and running the Botsmiths Eclipse Auto Installer, or it can be installed manually as described in the FIRST documentation. You'll only need to install the C/C++ stuff, all the Java stuff except for the JDK is optional.