January 2012
We are a splinter faction of the Byte By Byte 4-H club. This is our first FIRST competition.
We were founded with four original members in late December of 2011, now we have over 20 members and several mentors.
On March 22-24, 2012 we took part in our first ever regionals competition where we took 27th place in our division.

August 2013
The 2013 FRC Competition was Ultimate Ascent. It was our second season.
The Seattle Regionals were from March 28-30, 2013 at WaMu Theater in Seattle.


FRC Team 4309 competed in Aerial Assist.


The FRC team 4309 competed in FIRST Stronghold! We went to Glacier Peak Highschool for our first competition of the year. We ended the district event in 11th place. We then proceeded to head to the Clackamas Academy of Industrial Science for our second and final competition of the year. We placed 26th, but we got chosen for the Number 4 Alliance!



We are making a robot, which we call The_Blank. This robot is capable of operating of the gear system, has a functional climber, and should have a functional shooter.



This is The_Blank in development.

This is our baby, all grown up!


This it the 2018 version